This page has links to selected projects that I have done so far.


DiaryFS is a lightweight, versioning stackable filesystem for the Linux kernel.

DiaryFS Git repo

Linux 4.0 distro with diaryfs

Steel Fatigue Strength Predictor

A machine-learning approach to computational materials science - predicts fatigue strength of steel based on chemical components and processing information.


The Nobel Prize Predictor

Project Duration: 8 weeks

Read more

Hungry Wildcats

Project Duration: ~ 2 weeks

One line description: A web app made for Northwestern students to help them decide what to eat at Evanston when they don’t know what to eat

See the app on Heroku

See the Public GitHub repository


Project Duration: 2 months One line description: An implementation of the Kademlia Distributed Hash Table in Go, along with the Vanish self-destruction system. See Git Repo

TCCLK (Tiny C Compiler in Linux Kernel)

Project Duration: 2 months One line description: A C Compiler embedded into the Linux Kernel. Use C like a script language Read more

Shmoop eBook Reader

Project Duration: 4 weeks One line description: A brand new product at Shmoop! Ever heard of generating an eBook in 5 minutes Read more

Shmoop Translator

Project Duration: 24 hours One line description: A translator, but much more awesome and fun than Google Translate Read more

More coming soon.. (Sorry, too lazy to update all at once :))