Shmoop eBook Web Application


As a summer intern at Shmoop, I worked on a new product called Shmoop eBook Reader. The goal of the project was to enable students to be able to read books whilst accessing the learning guides and explanations for the quotes in the book as they are reading the book.


I worked with Sameer Srivastava, a friend of mine who also an intern at Shmoop. Sameer worked mainly on the frontend of the product while I worked on designing and implementing the backend of the product.


A book can have millions of words in them. To link them manually to the quotes explanations page and learning guides in Shmoop wouldn’t be very fun. Making a single book available online would take weeks and weeks of hard work looking for quotes in the HTML. While implementing this product we did not only think about what it would look like to the users, but also to our own content team at Shmoop. To make the entire process much faster and easier, I created an internal backend tool that auotomates thie entire process with few clicks of buttons. With this tool, it only took as much as 5 minutes to generate almost fully annotated HTML version of a public domain book.

Check it out!

You can test this app here