Shmoop Translator


As a company hackathon project while working as a summer intern at Shmoop, I decided to make something like Google Translate, but something much more fun and awesome! Shmoop has learning materials for grade school students, so the site is full of rich texts. I decided to translate these - but not to typical, boring “To Chinese” or “To Spanish”, but something more fun like “To Shakespearean” or “To Pig Latin”!


First we wrote a DOM parser that just parsed the entire DOM to find where the texts are. Then we had a javascript file that basically went through the texts and changed it to appropriate “dictionary”. We used external APIs in some cases, but for most of them we wrote our own dictionary. For example, we had a machine language translation or l33t, where we replace each word with different type of word based on analysis of the word. It was a fun project!


Our CEO & Founder, David and Ellen Siminoff, chose this project to go on production! It’s really exciting to see my hackathon project being served at a site with 20 million monthly views!

Check it out!

You can check out the Shmoop Translator at Shmoop!